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on montmartre, paris..

.. i’m not very often on montmartre, too busy with other things and it’s quite a waste of time anyway to sit in one place. when i need to sort out lots of paperwork and other stuff on my android devices then i do take a break to sit down somewhere with the signs promoting my books/art but in most days i’m just busy running around. that’s paris, distances matter.


my other blogs.

this blog here in for my artwork, music and books, avoiding other topics. my main blog where i post about anything of my interest, like science, health and other topics, even some politics, is this one..

the main blog was originally intended for health and life extension related material only but as the life is a complex matter it turned into a general blog. because of that i created recently a separate blog for the health related posts only..

to learn more about my activities and to understand why the art blog has not so much material visit these blogs.




Advanced Handwriting Cryptography:

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Have you ever had problems because of forgetting your access codes to e-mails, web services, bank accounts? Get the book which explains you how to write your codes in a way which only you can understand. The book is in English — if you want to learn the method in French please contact me personally. [Contact details below]

Avez-vous déjà eu des problèmes à cause de l’oubli de vos codes d’accès aux e-mails, services web, comptes bancaires? Obtenez le livre qui vous explique comment écrire vos codes d’une manière que vous seul pouvez comprendre. Le livre est en anglais (téléchargement gratuit) — si vous voulez apprendre la méthode en français veuillez me contacter personnellement. [Coordonnées ci-dessous]

A literary agent is needed to publish the book in different languages. Contact details below. // Un-e agent-e littéraire est nécessaire pour publier le livre dans différentes langues. Coordonnées ci-dessous.

Other free books by Alex Kobold:

an article with short description/synopsis for each book, links to download and/or read the books for free online

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